New Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED, also known as Graves’ disease) is an autoimmune  inflammatory disease, sometimes causing red or bulging eyes, sometimes causing double or reduced vision. While often associated with an overactive thyroid, some TED patients have normal thyroid function. Some TEA patients have mild changes – slight eyelid retraction or puffiness, for example. However,… Read More

Another Reason for A Good Night’s Sleep 

  If your upper airway collapses during sleep, you may suffer from more than a snoring problem.  Obstructive sleep apnea has been strongly associated with high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. A recent study from Australia (Ophthalmology, 2019;126:1372) supports a connection between sleep apnea and glaucoma in young adults. The research project measured the… Read More

Now Offering Telemedicine!


Retinoblastoma is the most common primary ocular malignancy in children, and until recently was a major cause of childhood blindness, and, occasionally, death.  In the last two decades, major advances in chemotherapy, delivered directly to the eye, have reduced the need for systemic chemotherapy, while maintaining good survival rates as well as  eye / vision… Read More

First Approved Peanut Allergy Treatment for Children

  The FDA has approved the first oral treatment for peanut allergy in children aged 4 to 17 years.  Palforzia (manufactured by Aimmune Therapeutics) is a powder made from peanuts, consumed by patient in a macrodosing regimen spread over several months. At present the medication is only available through a special FDA Risk Evaluation and… Read More

Dr. Benjamin Ticho Presents ‘Partial vs. Full Plus Correction of Accommodative Esotropia’ at SOE 2019

Dr Mohammad Jaafar introduces the session on ‘Strabismus’ at SOE 2019, featuring: – Re-Operations in Monocular Superior Oblique Palsy, Mohamad Jaafar, United States (0:38) – Surgical Overcorrection in Moderate Angle Hypertropias Due to Unilateral Fourth Nerve Palsy, David Nash, United States (13:55) – Iatrogenic Strabismus, Faruk Örge, United States (26:07) – When There’s Hardware in… Read More

Gloves and Covid-19

Probably the biggest mistake people make with gloves is not changing or discarding them. If you touch an infected surface, the glove is now contaminated.  The next thing you touch — whether it be a piece of fruit in the grocery store, utensil, door handle or body part — is now contaminated. Thus, if you… Read More

Influenza B season worse than usual 

Although of course coronavirus is currently getting all the attention, a more familiar and common pathogen is having a banner season this year.  Influenza B infections are more prevalent among children in 2019-2020 than over the past several years, with many illness being severe or even fatal.  ​According to a report in late February by… Read More

Consumers vs. patients: How healthcare leaders talk about the people they treat

Autism: An Update

Around 25% of children age 8 years or younger with autism spectrum disorder are not diagnosed, according to a recent study from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) ( Pediatrics 2019:10;2019).  This underdiagnosis problem is particularly significant in Hispanic and black children.  In CHOP’s study of 266,000 children, around 4,500 were identified with autism, but… Read More