Yi Pang, O.D.

PangDr. Pang joined the ICO faculty in 2005. She is an attending optometrist in the Pediatric and Binocular Vision service at the Illinois Eye Institute. Besides active teaching in clinic, classroom and laboratory, Dr. Pang also is very engaged in research. She is participating in several NIH-funded multi-center studies and other research projects. She has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed papers and many peer- reviewed abstracts. Dr. Pang is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and has served in many professional organizations, including ASCO International Optometric Education Committee, ASCO Optometry Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee, and World Council of Optometry.

2005 New England College of Optometry, OD

2003 University of Alabama at Birmingham, PhD

1999 Shandong Medical University, Ophthalmology Fellow

1996 Shandong Medical University, MD