Laura Sanders, M.D.

Tinley Park Ophthalmologist Laura Sanders, M.D.Dr. Sanders, a board-certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelid and periorbital tissues believes in the importance of preserving eye function while addressing functional and cosmetic problems.

“Sometimes I’ve seen patients who have had their eyes done by doctors from other disciplines and who may look beautiful. Unfortunately, these patients, some of whom have had LASIK or other refractive procedures, develop irritation, redness, tearing, and are miserable despite having had a “successful procedure”.

I think the benefit of having surgery from an oculoplastic surgeon is that our focus is oriented more towards maintenance or improvement of eye function over just cosmesis and yet our detail-oriented field enables us to understand the intricate nature of the anatomy such that enhancements can be performed in a subtle and natural way”.

Through her clinical training at Northwestern, fellowship training at the oldest and one of the busiest eye hospitals in the country, and experience in both private practice and being on staff at a major trauma center, Dr. Sanders has honed her skills in the surgical treatment of droopy and puffy eyelids, correction of eyelid malposition, management of benign and malignant eyelid growths, and traumatic problems of the eye socket, lids, tear ducts and periorbital tissue.

She also has a special interest in dealing with patients suffering from chronic dry eye syndrome or coping with tearing irregularities. In addition to focusing on the functional eyelid, tear ducts, and orbital problems, Dr. Sanders also has clinical experience in cosmetic procedures including but not limited to blepharoplasty surgery, brow lifts, Botox and other rejuvenating therapies.

Dr. Sanders also maintains a general practice servicing patients with glaucoma, diabetes, and other eye disorders.