Monthly Archives: August 2020

Coughing Complications

“I wanted to be left alone, so whenever someone came close, I started coughing.” That sounds like a pretty aggressive way to establish social distancing, but clearly an effective strategy. What is a cough, exactly?  And when is cough more than just a cough? Basically, a cough consists of three main parts: Stimulation of respiratory… Read More

How Good is Doctor YouTube?

Doctor Google will see you now!   The Internet, particularly Google and YouTube, have become the primary sources of medical information for patients as well as medical professionals.   On balance, this proliferation of freely accessible material is a huge benefit to humanity.  But how good is the information posted online?  Of particular interest, how accurate is… Read More

Blue light filters: fact vs. myth?

I get questions about blue light glasses every day. Are they a good idea?  The answer depends on what problem you think they solve. On the one hand, blue wavelengths are known to cause oxidative damage to retinal cells, and a lifetime of exposure does appear to contribute to cataract formation and the development of… Read More

Intense Pulsed Light: Put the Best Face on It

Are your eyes red and burning?  The problem may extend past your eyelids.  Many skin conditions affect the eyelids and ocular surface, especially oil gland and blood vessel problems like rosacea.  Often this may cause a minor eye nuisance, easily managed with relatively simple intervention, like an occasional artificial tear drop. When the eye issues… Read More