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Dr. Benjamin Ticho Presents ‘Partial vs. Full Plus Correction of Accommodative Esotropia’ at SOE 2019

Dr Mohammad Jaafar introduces the session on ‘Strabismus’ at SOE 2019, featuring: – Re-Operations in Monocular Superior Oblique Palsy, Mohamad Jaafar, United States (0:38) – Surgical Overcorrection in Moderate Angle Hypertropias Due to Unilateral Fourth Nerve Palsy, David Nash, United States (13:55) – Iatrogenic Strabismus, Faruk Örge, United States (26:07) – When There’s Hardware in… Read More

Gloves and Covid-19

Probably the biggest mistake people make with gloves is not changing or discarding them. If you touch an infected surface, the glove is now contaminated.  The next thing you touch — whether it be a piece of fruit in the grocery store, utensil, door handle or body part — is now contaminated. Thus, if you… Read More

Influenza B season worse than usual 

Although of course coronavirus is currently getting all the attention, a more familiar and common pathogen is having a banner season this year.  Influenza B infections are more prevalent among children in 2019-2020 than over the past several years, with many illness being severe or even fatal.  ​According to a report in late February by… Read More

Consumers vs. patients: How healthcare leaders talk about the people they treat

Autism: An Update

Around 25% of children age 8 years or younger with autism spectrum disorder are not diagnosed, according to a recent study from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) ( Pediatrics 2019:10;2019).  This underdiagnosis problem is particularly significant in Hispanic and black children.  In CHOP’s study of 266,000 children, around 4,500 were identified with autism, but… Read More